Care for female egg laying beardies

 Infertile eggs

All egg-layinglizards will drop infertile eggs, male or not, in captivity. Several species, a lot of skinks and Armadillo type lizards from temperate climates, lay live young. The ground isn’t warm enough to develop embryos and they’ve adapted to carrying the babies around and sunning themselves to get them “cooked”. 

It’s common to have infertile eggs dropped by females with oviparous lizards and why there are not as many females around generally as males in captivity – ok maybe not Dragons as they are everywhere. If the conditions are not supported – proper diet to recover the energy/mineral loss from making eggs, nesting, low-stress, husbandry basically – then female egg-bearing lizards can perish more easily. It takes a bullet to kill most male lizards so long as you have good husbandry. But if you have a female lizard, you HAVE TO have nesting options for them at all times and it’s extra work on your part to do this. 

The 19 and then 9 eggs a week later was your “get out of jail free card”. This was one cycle of eggs and she retained the extras for a week before dropping them out. They were probably slimy and yellow/brown colored on the second load. Had those extra eggs not come out, they become rotten and septic (infected) and can kill your female lizard. The females have to have strong heat and a good amount of Calcium, not just to shell the eggs, but to contract muscles and be strong to lay the eggs and dig. If females are hypocalcemic (low calcium in body) at laying time after shelling all those eggs, they can be weak and not able to get them out or dig. Re-check your diet and caging for her next time as the delayed lay of the eggs is a warning things are not optimum somewhere


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