Happily Ever After, huh?

Hello Word-pressers, today I have had several inspired thoughts….However, some of them took a connecting flight out of the area before I could put them into words. So I used a picture of a statement about tattoos for my first thought, and now I hope to put into words the random passing of my thoughts, experiences,and ideas about relationships and the L word.

I am 37, I have 4 children, 2 baby daddies….both moved on and married to new suckers.  I am not the classic beauty, but I’m not the ugly step sister either. So as appearances go I’m OK. That’s not what caused me to bounce from relationship to relationship until I was 30 years old. Its what was hidden under the big brown eyes, curvy physique, and infectious laugh. 

Oh, yes. please ask me? What could it have been? Not bad breath, or stinky feet. Not because I have as many kids as the woman in the shoe. No DOC number in my past. Its way bigger then those things……. personality…….. Yeah, and not the good qualities either. I mean who can resist a woman who loves to laugh, finds humor in everything, is so open minded that she will at least try most things before deciding its not for her, doesn’t mind the cheap seats, getting dirty, hanging with the family, loves to romance and be romanced, a hard working girl who knows the value of a dollar? Well, quite possibly a man who finds sarcasm, having an opinion about everything, loudly willing to share said opinion, doesn’t know when enough is enough with the jokes and jabs, and cant let go of anything, a bit much to deal with on a daily basis.

I had to learn the hard way that there is a positive and a negative side to every quality. being loud isn’t always a bad thing. I really think not being afraid to speak up for yourself or any injustice you see is quite honorable. 

I finally did find my Happily Ever After man, he was the guy that couldn’t stand me, and vice versa. Through time we learned to respect each other and fell in love. I have to say that this relationship has lasted the longest in my life. Its built off learning about each other and mutual respect. Neither has tried to change the other, and we teach each other to be better people just by accepting each other as we are. 

So yes, there is Happy Ever After. Buts its not from Love at First Sight.