Sarcasm is free, but not everyone seems to appreciate it.

Sarcasm is free, but not everyone seems to appreciate it.

Wow, its a good thing I am not a mommy blogger, or news reporter. My long stretches of unblogged time might cause my hoards of imaginary fans to worry. Well, I’m not so its okay. I could say that so much has been going on that I’m just to busy but truth is I forgot my password this one time, and then I have 5 loud, impatient, youths who live to make me crazy that I’m trying to raise into productive members of society, plus the dogs, cats, lizards, 3 “adopted” teens, friends babies, family members who all love to have my undivided attention…….. all that keeps me pretty busy, which is good for a recovering addict…. I don’t have the time to scam and score my drug of choice. In February of 2014 I will be 5 years clean. I hope that doesn’t jinx me by being optimistic… After all you take each day 1 day at a time…So here i sit at 6 am Arizona time, trying to remember why I think its funny that sarcasm is free and yet most people don’t want it…..I mean its like words of wisdom or constructive criticism with a little bit of sassy pants added to it. But some people just don’t like it when you give them your sarcasm for free. Personally I think we should have a bonus if the sarcasm was so good that it took the receiver a minute to think about it before it was comprehended. But ……………………. its 6 am Arizona standard time so maybe my brain is being sarcastic by allowing me to sit here and plug out this nonsense that makes perfect sense right now.



What we take with us…..
When we die, we leave so much behind. Family, friends, pets, stuff…….a lot of memories. Tattoos are a way for us to use our bodies as Bill board for things that have meaning, or interest us. Just like our scars are the road map of our soul, telling the tale of our life as we grow.
Scars are fates way of telling our tale, tattoos are our way of telling our tale.

the parent hood

I am  a mom. That’s such a simple statement, yet its possibly the most difficult to define. As parents we struggle to be everything and everybody that our children will need. Its a full time job,  with out the new hire orientation, no instruction manual, the pay  is way below minimum wage, and there are times that we’re under appreciated. Yet, it can be the most fulfilling life experience a person  can have. Its not easy, it can be frustrating, humiliating, heartbreaking, exhilarating, awe inspiring, jaw dropping and I’m sure many more descriptive things. 

The first lesson I learned, there is no such thing as being the perfect parent. We all have those moments of  ” what in the hell am I doing ” . I  never say I’m a great mom, I do believe that I am loving mom, and that helps me to feel like I’m a good mom. I want to raise my children to be individuals, who have the confidence to go after their dreams, the wisdom to see those dreams become reality, and the grace to appreciate their hard work. I want them to know that having prejudices, and making judgements of others is a weakness. It  takes more time and energy to hate then  it does to forgive and move on. 

I want to always try to remember how it felt to be their age,  so that I can be sensitive to their struggles. I want them to be proud of who they are, and where  they  came from.

I guess I just want to be a positive influence in their lives.