Today I contemplate silence

Someone I had never met before died a short time ago. I know that she raised a wonderful son. He is a good friend and someone who inspires others with his positive attitude and good nature.
So today I go to show support of my friend, and to pay my respects to a woman I didn’t know.
The loss of a parent is never easy, not when your young, not even when your old.
My father left this world when I was barely 30, just days before the birth of my daughter, his first grand daughter. He never even knew she was coming. So I wonder if we really do pass on to the next phase of our life, and continue to watch after our loved ones as they live on, waiting for them to join us.
Do I sometimes feel as though someone is with me, when I am all alone? At times perhaps.
I wonder if today she will be watching, hoping to see her son surrounded by friends and family to help him get through this difficult time.


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